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Being Visually Racist


I’ll start with a question: What is a racist? Is it someone that judges by the appearance? Or that judges by character traits? We have been programmed to be visual and to only make judgements on image alone.  As children we were taught that certain colors or objects would represent one thing or another.  We were taught red means “stop”, green means “go” and yellow means “slow”.  We have images of logos and name brands that flash before our eyes on TV, billboards, magazines ads, and the list goes on.  We are shown by these experiences to visually prejudice or racist.  Can a person born blind be a racist?  Would he or she would have to taught to be visually racist by someone with sight.  I contend with those out there that hold to fact that the “white man” is inherently racist.  There’s no bases to think logically that only one type of person can be a racist.  We have all been controlled or conditioned to see with our eyes the warts and pimples of our fellow man.  If we could only break free from looking at the out-ward and focus on the in-ward of a person.  But, to see the in-ward we must ask the right questions of a person.  We must find the innermost part of what make them “tick” or what makes them think.  We must challenge each other to search the real reasons for being racist.  The passion of man is drawn out by the questions that must be answered by every belief system.  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Where are we going?  Ask the tough questions and get to the core of racism and visual hatred.

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