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Terror in US

I started to work on this post on April 1st (April Fool’s Day) and boy was I on to something.  I’ve recently been watching the reports coming in from The Alex Jones Show discussing the obvious war on the Patriot movement or Reconstruction movement.  The major networks have showered the airwaves with the most horrific programming demonizing gun owners, libertarians, the homeschoolers, Constitutionalists, and any other liberty minded groups.  The onslaught of disinformation and disruptive programming is being placed on the minds of the average everyday Americans.  These American’s are highly suggestible and can be easily placed in mind set that these scenarios can actually take place or are taking place now.  The terror in us has been placed in us by the very programmers that tell you what is reality.  Below you will see just a few examples of programming done to skew the minds of Americans and to keep the fear of “terror” alive in our minds.  We are on track to become a nation of cowards if we don’t break free from the programming and look outside our window to the creation and seek His attributes.  We become what we set our eyes upon so set your eyes upon the good in this world, become the resistance to evil and the terror will leave us alone.

The recent bombing in Boston marked a turning point in the fight for the minds of men.  After all the conflicting reports and new suspects and the avoidance of the alternative media’s questions (See Infowar’s Dan Bodani).  There’s been a on going move to change the narrative and create a smokescreen to burn the eyes of onlookers and TV heads/couch potatoes.   The initial and official reports will never be sorted out unless someone had hours upon hours to view the information.  My guess is this outright ban on alternative media sources is forshadowing of what is coming with the CISPA or Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act.  The People will not able able to influence or help investigations with alternative media sources, videos, or photos.  The flow of information will be under scrutiny if free people are allowed to upload videos and photos to show the true human intelligence or true on the ground eye of truth.  Accurate information and proper dissemination will be the key for the alternative media.  The battle will be won if we can get people to wake up from the trance or programming that they’ve be put under and ask the right questions to demand accountability from our leaders.  Stay tuned.  Get informed and Read.

UPDATE for 9/13/2013 –  The Blacklist hits the airwaves on NBC… The show has a recurring theme that has to be tied together.  The enemy is within our borders and we must be on the look out for our neighbor(s) because they could be a terrorist.  I’ve linked to the new show below.

Please leave comments below.  And I will be updating this post as we gather more intel.

Click below to to see descriptions of examples of programming shaping the minds of man.

The Americans Intertitle.jpgFile:HomelandTVSeries.jpgThe Following intertitle.pngtheBlacklist

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